My beautiful, wonderful, exhausting children

I’m sure all parents understand how I feel. That love like no other that you have for your children. I have had two in the past 2 1/2 years and I am overwhelmed. Often. They are the loves of my life, but as a planner they stress me out like I could never have imagined.

Their big beautiful eyes look at the world with such wonder. But, they also won’t close at night.

Their chubby baby fingers grab hold of mine and I never want to let go. But, those fingers are attached to hands that make the biggest messes.

Out of their mouths come the most joyful, innocent laughter. But, also the most terrifying, ear-splitting screams.

They ask the most interesting questions with minds full of curiosity. And, their persistence is unmatched. They don’t give up. Even after the 3407694873rd time asking for another fruit snack.

They give the best snuggles and I can never give them enough kisses. The time passes so fast and I know I will soon forget the tough times and only remember the good ones.

How do you deal with anxiety and parenthood?

My babies ❤ My heart outside my body.

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